Web Developer & UI Craftsman

Hi! I'm Giannis. My passion is to craft user experiences for the humans.
I have a natural curiosity on how things work and how they can work better.
I love traveling and I'm constantly moving and collecting experiences,
I'm currently based between Amsterdam and Athens.


An online search portal for Legislations, Jurisprudences and Doctrines for Mozambique.
I was the lead of the development for App.

Cloud9 IDE

An online development environment for JavaScript and Node.js applications.
I was the main developer for creating the Interface of the IDE.


A SaaS for quality control of Call Centers.
I was the lead of the development for App.


Is an online search engine for finding food delivery shops in Athens.
I am the lead developer of the Application.

More things about me

I'm an Amsterdam based web developer.
Most of my time I spend creating interfaces that work either on the web or on the phone.
I prefer working on big projects, projects that require me to extend my limits,
projects that I have to go the extra mile in order to reach the end.

My toolset usually consists of my MacBook, headphones
NetBeans, Cloud9, Vim, PhotoShop, Illustrator,
combine it with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Node.js, MySQL
and passion for creation.


Get in touch

If you are interested finding more about me or a way to say hello

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